Freitag, 20. April 2012

fragrances of spring.

Here are the new spring fragrances that you absolutely must try!

HILFIGER - a sparkling fragrance, light and suitable for the first warm. Key Ingredients: flowers of pear, raspberry, cinnamon and neroli.

 VANITAS VERSACE - Principal ingredients: lime, tonka bean, cedarwood

OH! LOLA MARC JACOBS - Main ingredients: raspberries, strawberries, cyclamen and magnolia.

 FENDI with the celebrated double F - main ingredients: green tea, black currant, mandarin from calabria

This perfume has a proper name to the recipient! it's fresh, sophisticated and full of secret. Principal ingredients: pink pepper, peony and panna cotta!

This fragrance is a design object in coral. Principal ingredients: bergamot, musk and cedar.


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