Donnerstag, 31. Januar 2013

Furla Candybag

Hi Ladies!
She is finally mine! The It-bag from Furla.
color: turquoise
cost: 180 €
Perfect for summer days with yellow Accessoires!

do you like?
in love
S & M

Samstag, 19. Januar 2013

The campaign images of spring / summer season 2013 are there

hello my dear friends,
after a long Christmas break, here I am back again! I did some research and found out the campaign images of spring / summer season 2013. For you I choose only the best. :) ...Those with a special charm:
A little bit of vintage, a bit of madness ... Take a 'look yourself!


Sonntag, 6. Januar 2013

toasting 2013

Here are some of my Christmas gifts ... awesome! thanks to my friends and my family. These are just the gifts that have excited me more ... and I want to share with you!
I hope you had a good holiday.
Drink a toast to a new year 2013! Hoping to bring us a lot of good news ...