Sonntag, 6. Januar 2013

toasting 2013

Here are some of my Christmas gifts ... awesome! thanks to my friends and my family. These are just the gifts that have excited me more ... and I want to share with you!
I hope you had a good holiday.
Drink a toast to a new year 2013! Hoping to bring us a lot of good news ...

The famous Chanel-book "The little black jacket" made bz Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld bz Steidl. 

A new hand-made bracelet!Here on my arm... and also in the next pic

Mz two new parfumes: Miss Dior Cherie - I( love it! It's my parfume since two years...
and the new Belle d' Opium from Yves Saint Laurent.
The Roma by Laura Biagiotti was a graduation gift in july - and the Bulgari Jasmine noir was the result of a shopping-tour...

these socks with my name were handmade by a friend! I love them! Just a perfect gift for home!

New gloves of chamois leather with bow.

A set to make muffins!

Ah ... and before I forget: These pictures were taken with the most amazing gift: the I-pad 4 that I received from my love!

S & M
Happy 2013 ladies!

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