Mittwoch, 2. Mai 2012

My interview with the designer of MANUFAKTUR HERZBLUT!!!

The master-tailor Markus Spatzier is a young designer from Hall in Tyrol (Austria) and the founder of „Manufaktur Herzblut“. I am looking for his studio in the old cobbled streets in the old town of Hall in Tyrol and when I entered it, I am astonished: Next to antlers, there are small bags and accessories on the coloured walls, whereas shoes are lying on the floor next to old Biedermeier-sofas.

Everywhere one can find dresses, jackets, trousers… here and there a headdress is dangling from a wig. The shop consists of pure creativity and unbelievably beautiful single-pieces created by Markus, which he presents proudly.


You have founded your studio in October 2010. How did it come?
The idea has always been in my head.  First I wanted to keep the shop small, but then the idea grew more concrete. I have always known that I do notwant to work in an enterprise. Although I am a team-worker I cannot be a simple employee. I think it severely limits creativity.

Did you pursue a clear objective when you opened your studio?
I do not pursue a clear objective… because “aim or goal” also means “end” and that would be a pity! The aim… (laughing) world domination? Or world peace?

To what extent would you describe your style as baroque?
In my opinion Baroque means pretentious and precious. That is exactly what I am trying to show; therefore I think the Baroque-style is adequate for my creations. It is a mix of culture and art which is very important for my own work. My creations should always be linked to culture. 

Could I describe your style as a „gothic-style“?
Not really. I would not say so. And what does that mean, „gothic“? Can one define this term? I would describe my pieces as romantic and a mixture of various styles: from the Empire to the Rococo… a lot of glamour and vamp, thus gloomy and romantic.
Maybe one can describe my style as a „morbid folkloristic romantic-fetish“.

Is there a certain designer who inspires you?
That is a difficult question. I do not like to take inspiration from other people, because that limits my own creativity and I might start to imitate them. Of course I appreciate other designers: I love Alexander McQueen or Chanel because of their elegance.

Your collection is based on the colour black. Did you realise that?
Yes, that is true… (laughing). I prefer working with black-grey-white and with a few striking accents.
You were talking about „collections“… Actually I do not design „collections“. Every piece is produced only once. I only work on single-pieces in my studio.

Last question: How would you describe 
            your customers?
Actually there are various customers coming to my studio: teenagers, who have saved money for a long time to buy one of my pieces, up to a more mature woman who needs a ball gown or a unique top, but also elder women who just wish to have their trousers amended.  Due to the fact that my studio is not located in the Centre of Hall one has to find it in a small side street. That makes „Herzblut“ an Insider’s tip.


 Markus, thanks for this interview!



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