Montag, 30. Juli 2012

white lace

Hi ladies!
I'm finally back from holidays with a lot of new crazy looks for the blog!  
I hope you all are having a fantastic week. I will surprise you with a lot of fashion news in the next days! For today I was thinking at pics for the next season of style (autumn-winter) ... but I decidet to post a a few pics of me in a lovely white dress. 

  Click on the title and see more photos!

The pics were made by a photographer: Egon Leitner ( for more infos: ) and with the great help from the make up artist Anna Psenner. Next week I'll post an article about Annas work with making off - pics and an interview with the best makeup artist I know! ;)
I hope you enjoy the photos!

Many thanks to Anna & Egon!

white lace dress: H&M

black shoes: Cinti

the pearl necklace is a gift from my boyfriend

silver bracelet hand made and bought in a little shop in the city center Innsbruck

mint nail polish: Essence

 S & M

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